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Administrative staff

The majority of the department's administrative staff have offices on Bredgatan 13, in Lund, but also divide their time between Lund and Helsingborg.

Håkan Eriksson
E-mail: hakan.eriksson [at]
Phone: 046-222 93 96
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Communications officer
Patrik Hekkala
E-mail: patrik.hekkala [at]
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Department administrator
Pirjo Linér
E-mail: pirjo.liner [at]
Phone: 046-222 93 11
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Financial administrator
Mats Larsson
E-mail: mats.larsson [at]
Phone: 046-222 93 91
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HR coordinator
Ellinor Weise
E-mail: ellinor.weise [at]
Phone: 046-222 96 68
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International coordinator (staff mobility)
Ulrika Reichert
E-mail: ulrika.reichert [at]
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International coordinator (student mobility), Placement coordinator
Anneli Nielsen
E-mail: anneli.nielsen [at]
Phone: 046-222 94 04
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Programme administrator
Magnus Bjager
E-mail: magnus.bjager [at]
Phone: 046-222 93 94
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Programme administrator
Carina Olsson
E-mail: carina.olsson [at]
Phone: 046-222 97 88, 042-35 65 50
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Programme administrator
Ann-Sofie Åström
E-mail: ann-sofie.astrom [at]
Phone: 046-222 92 26
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Programme coordinator
Susanna Björklund
E-mail: susanna.bjorklund [at]
Phone: 046-222 70 63
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Programme coordinator
Vesna Sehovac
E-mail: vesna.sehovac [at]
Phone: 046-222 93 14
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Study adviser
Monica Davidson
E-mail: monica.davidson [at]
Phone: 046-222 94 31
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Web editor
Christine Antaya
E-mail: christine.antaya [at]
Phone: 046-222 47 34
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Key staff

Head of Department
Staffan Blomberg

Deputy Head of Department
Marcus Knutagård

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Maria Bangura Arvidsson

Director of Second Cycle Studies
Leili Laanemets

Director of Doctoral Studies
Håkan Jönson

School of Social Work
Lund University
Visiting address: Bredgatan 13, Lund
Postal address: Box 23,  22100 Lund, Sweden
Telephone : 046-222 00 00 (switchboard) 
Telefax: 046-222 94 12

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