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Mina forskningsintressen berör social förändring, socialpolitik & välfärd, sociala rörelser, Sydasien, Himalaya, tibetanska flyktingar, sociala rörelser i Baltistan, Kargil och Ladakh.

Exempel på forskningsprojekt

Social Movements and social change in South Asia
Since the beginning of the 1990's, Dr Jan Magnusson has monitored the development within the Tibetan refugee community in India. He is also studying social change among the Balti people in the western Himalayas. His research has been supported by the Swedish Research Council, SIDA, the Crafoord Foundation, and SASNET.

The South Indian Tibetans
Swedish Research Council, SIDA, Crafoord, Jan Magnusson, Dr Geoff Childs, Dept. of Anthroplogy, Washington University, St Louis, and Dr Subramanya Nagarajaro, Dept. of Political Science, Mysore University. A study of the social development in a Tibetan refugee settlement in Bylakuppe, India as well as the interaction between the refugees, local Indian authorities and organizations, and foreign aid organizations. Dr. Geoff Childs

The Baltistan Movement
SASNET, Jan Magnusson. Starting in 2004 the study follows a social movement approach and focuses on social change and mobilization as well as cultural revival among Balti people in the western Himalayas. It partly deals with the invention of tradition and includes analysis of the role played by locally produced pop music. The study is carried out in Baltistan and Ghanche in northeastern Pakistan and in the Kargil, Ladakh and Nubra areas of northwestern India.


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