Anna Meeuwisse. Foto: Patrik Hekkala

Anna Meeuwisse


Anna Meeuwisse. Foto: Patrik Hekkala

Social Work Programmes in the Social Democratic Welfare Regime


  • Anna Meeuwisse
  • Hans Swärd

Summary, in Swedish

Abstract in Undetermined

In this article we examine the emergence of social worker training in the Nordic countries and discuss the possible effects that the social democratic welfare regime has had on such training. We also discuss the development in recent decades of the academisation of the training and the establishment of social work as a subject of research and teaching. The early history of social worker education is based on archival material, national inquiries and secondary sources. Our presentation of the recent history of social work education is based on the responses to a questionnaire sent to teachers of social work in 33 Nordic social work programmes, and on a survey of course syllabi and prospectuses. It is also based on the reading lists for the social work courses in these programmes.


  • Social Work


  • social democratic regime
  • Nordic schools of social work
  • models of social work education
  • social work as an academic subject




  • ISSN: 1369-6866