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Ageing and Eldercare

The complex realities of ageing and eldercare needs to be studied with a variety of methods and approaches, with a focus on structural, interpersonal and personal aspects and with regard to the perspectives of those who receive care and those who provide care.

The School of Social Work's research group for ageing was founded 1993 by Professor Rosmari Eliasson-Lappalainen. The group brings together researchers with an interest in questions about older people, ageing and care. The group is now led by Professor Håkan Jönson.

The research group's activities mainly consist of seminars where members' texts are discussed with colleagues who have related research interests. The group is also a platform for information exchange, project applications, and joint reading of texts in the area of ​​aging and eldercare. The group meets about once a month. The group is also linked by research grants that the members have in joint research projects (see below), that also include researchers outside the School of Social Work. External researchers are sometimes invited to give presentations.

As the group has an inclusive attitude, several researchers who do not have their employment at the School of Social Work also participate.

The group is affiliated with the Centre for Ageing and Supportive Environments (CASE) that is located at the Faculty of Medicine at Lund University. The group's members are also active in the National Network for Social Science Elderly Research, headed by Håkan Jönson.

Since 2019, the group's meetings have been held together with the ageing group at Malmö University.


Latest publications within the area

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Care according to age: A case of compassionate ageism or a conflict on needs?Harnett, T. & Jönson, H., 2022 Jul 13.Resea...
Age Logics in Social Work: The Case of Harm Reduction for 50+ With Long-Term Substance MisuseHarnett, T. & Jönson, H., 2...
The use of home care as relational work: outlines for a research programmeHarnett, T., Möllergren, G. & Jönson, H., 2024...
The logic of ‘home care time’Jönson, H., Möllergren, G. & Harnett, T., 2024 May 30, (E-pub ahead of print) In: Time & So...


Members, School of Social Work

Members at other institutions

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