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Professions and Organisation

The focus of this group's interest is the different organizations of social work and the organization of different practices. We thus join a tradition at Lund University of Applied Sciences to critically study institutions and institutionalization.

Research topics

The group works on research projects with varying methods and empirical basis. Some of the themes that unite the group's interest and that we gather around are:

  • Organization of social work practice; "Why do we do it the way we do?"
  • How organizational ideas are spread and translated and how changes takes place.
  • Professions, professionalisation and the work of professionals.
  • Knowledge, knowledge formation and the interplay between practice, research and education.
  • Social roles, and their opportunities in organizations, such as client, user and helper roles, their maneuver space and user influence.

The group's interest is always close to the practice of social work. Some projects are therefore also conducted in close collaboration with some specific practice, sometimes as an evaluation, sometimes in other forms.

Latest publications within the area

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Mellan rättslig reglering och professionell logik – att hantera orosanmälningar om våld i barnavården.Ponnert, L., 2023 ...