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Gabriella Scaramuzzino

Postdoctoral fellow

PhD in social work


I am a PhD in social work and currently a Postdoctoral fellow at Socialhögskolan. My general research interest are in the areas of prostitution, civil society and digitalization. My research is about how citizens interact, mobilize and organise on the internet and social media.

I have been involved in several research projects about the internet, social media and civil society and written about sex workers/sex service providers’ and sex clients’ mobilization and organization at local, national and international level. My dissertation Collective Action by Sex Service Providers and Sex Clients on the Internet (2014) shows how, despite it being illegal to purchase sexual services in Sweden, sex clients and sex service providers meet on forums, to pursue joint interests and negotiate “collective contracts” concerning the rules that should apply on the prostitution market. Internet has offered new ways to interact and has enabled individuals to act collectively and pursue common interests outside formal organizations. New organizational forms have also emerged.

My postdoc-project (financed by FORTE) is called Internet's transformative potential: Trade unions organizing under new circumstances and aims to further explore what transformative role internet has on mobilization and organization. To achieve this aim I will conduct a cross-case analysis. Three groups have been selected, to include workers that are more and less formally organized and make claims and advocate both inside and outside the organized civil society.


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Postdoctoral fellow

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