About the department

Welcome to Lund University’s School of Social Work, which is located on two campuses: Campus Helsingborg and the School of Social Work in Lund.

School of Social Work

The School of Social Work has been training social workers since 1947. The School of Social Work was integrated into Lund University in 1977, as a department within the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The School of Social Work has approximately 130 employees and 1 200 students. Our facilities are centrally located in Lund and at Campus Helsingborg.

Social work is an interdisciplinary field that includes questions about social problems, their definitions, origins, causes and solutions; conditions and living conditions of vulnerable groups and individuals and social interventions. The field also covers organisational and professional research, that is, studies of how social work is organised and carried out.

The majority of our students are enrolled in the BSc programme, but we also have a Master's programme, training in psychotherapy, advanced courses for professionals who wish to receive training and to immerse themselves in the subject or go on to graduate studies. Most of our classes are taught in Swedish, but we do offer a number of courses taught in English, and a large part of our research is carried out in collaboration with international partners, and/or with an international focus.