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Lisa Wallander

Senior lecturer and Associate professor of Social Work

PhD Sociology


Research methods (Courses: Kunskapsproduktion i socialt arbete, SOPA62; Vetenskapsteori, metod och analys, SOAN55) )


Professional judgements, Sociology of professions, Knowledge use, Social work, Factorial survey approach

Ongoing research projects

  1. Exploring knowledge use in professional judgements: The factorial survey approach as a tool in professional education (postdoc project, financed 2011-2013 by Malmö University)

  2. (Multi-) professional judgements in collaboration – Project Karin (financed 2012-2014 by The Swedish Crime Victim Compensation and Support Authority)

  3. Knowledge use in social work: A multi-method study of judgements and rationales in child protection (financed 2015-2019 by the Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare)

  4. "Fat words" or useful definitions? Stakeholders´ usage of the terms “alcohol abuse”, “alcohol dependence”, and “risk drinking” (PI: Jan Blomqvist; financed 2015-2018 by the Swedish Research Council)

  5. Prioritizing Health Care: Tensions and Interplay between Legal, Political, Economic and Professional Perspectives (PI: Anne-Mette Magnussen; financed by The Research Council of Norway)

Recently completed research projects

  1. Use or misuse: Professionals’ conceptions of alcohol and drug consumption (financed 2008-2015 by the Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare; project located at SoRAD, Stockholm University)

  2. HIV and AIDS in Sweden (financed 2009-2015 by the Swedish Institute for Communicable Disease Control)

  3. Who is poor, who is rich? A study on the perceptions about poverty (financed 2014-2015 by the Centre for Profession Studies, Malmö University)


  1. Tornberg, J., & Wallander, L. (forthcoming) Vem är fattig, vem är rik? En faktoriell survey av studenters uppfattningar om fattigdom. Socialvetenskaplig tidskrift.

  2. Blomqvist, J., & Wallander, L. (2017) Vad är problemet? Uppfattningar om alkoholens skadeverkningar. Socialvetenskaplig tidskrift, 24(2), 149-164.

  3. Plantin, L., Wallander, L., & Mannheimer, L. (2017). Public knowledge and attitudes to HIV: Research from three decades in Sweden. International Journal of Sexual Health, 29(1), 22-31.

  4. Wallander, L., & Laanemets, L. (2017). The Factorial Survey in Mixed Methods Research: Modelling Professionals’ Individual Judgments. SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 2.

  5. Wallander, L., & Molander, A. (2016). Learning to Reason: The Factorial Survey as a Teaching Tool in Social Work Education. Nordic Social Work Research, 6(3), 234-250.

  6. Wallander, L., Tikkanen, R H., Mannheimer, L., Östergren, P-O., & Plantin, L. (2015). The Problem of Nonresponse in Population Surveys on the Topic of HIV and Sexuality: A Comparative Study. The European Journal of Public Health, 25(1), 172-177.

  7. Samuelsson, E., & Wallander, L. (2015). Perceptions of Treatment Needs: A Factorial Survey of Swedish Addiction Care Practitioners. Addiction Research & Theory, 23(6), 469-480.

  8. Wallander, L., & Molander, A. (2014). Disentangling professional discretion: A conceptual and methodological approach. Professions & Professionalism, 4(3), 1-19.

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  10. Plantin, L., Wallander, L., & Månsson, S-A. (2013). Hiv i Sverige: Kunskaper, attityder och beteenden hos allmänheten 1987-2011. Solna: Smittskyddsinstitutet.

  11. Wallander, L. (2012). Measuring Social Workers’ Judgements: Why and How to use the Factorial Survey Approach in the Study of Professional Judgements. Journal of Social Work, 12(4), 364-384.

  12. Wallander, L. (2009). 25 Years of Factorial Surveys in Sociology: A Review. Social Science Research, 38(3), 505-520.

  13. Wallander, L. (2008). Measuring Professional Judgements: An Application of the Factorial Survey Approach to the Field of Social Work. Stockholm: Stockholms universitet (doctoral dissertation).

  14. Wallander, L., & Blomqvist, J. (2008). Modeling Ideal Treatment Recommendations: A Factorial Survey of Swedish Social Workers’ Ideal Recommendations of Inpatient or Outpatient Treatment for Problem Substance Users. Journal of Social Service Research, 35(1), 47-64.

  15. Blomqvist, J., Cunningham, J., Wallander, L., & Collin, L. (2007). Att förbättra sina alkoholvanor: Om olika mönster för förändring och om vad vården betyder. Stockholms universitet: SoRAD, forskningsrapport nr. 42.

  16. Wallander, L., & Blomqvist, J. (2005). Who “Needs” Compulsory Care? A Factorial Survey of Swedish Social Workers’ Assessments of Clients in Relation to the Care of Abusers (Special Provisions) Act. Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs (English Supplement), 63-85.

  17. Wallander, L., & Blomqvist, J (2005). Vad styr vårdvalen? En faktoriell survey av faktorer som predicerar val av insats inom socialtjänstens missbruksvård. FoU-enheten, Stockholm: FoU-rapport 2005:1.

  18. Blomqvist, J., & Wallander, L. (2004). Åt var och en vad hon behöver? En vinjettstudie av socialarbetares bedömningar och val av insats vid missbruksproblem. FoU-enheten, Stockholm: FoU-rapport 2004:8.

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