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Malinda Andersson

Senior lecturer, PhD in Sociology


I have a Ph. D. in Sociology and I am currently working as a senior lecturer, with a special focus on Social Policy. I have been affiliated with the School of Social Work since 2012. Within the Bachelor’s program I teach in the second and sixth semester.


My research interests include welfare studies and organization studies. I have a general interest in poststructuralist, postcolonial and feminist perspectives. Within the field of welfare studies, I am interested in social policy discourses on citizen groups, family practices and social problems. I have conducted research on transnational adoption discourses in Swedish social policy, resulting in a dissertation as well as other publications. Within the field of organization studies, I am interested in processes of inclusion and exclusion in organizational cultures. I have been part of a research project on equal opportunities and diversity work, funded by Lund University. My sub study dealt with racialization in Swedish academia.


Andersson, M. (2015). "The Risk of Relatedness. Governing Kinship in Swedish Transnational Adoption Policy". In Charlotte Kroløkke, Lene Myong, Stine Willum Adrian and Tine Tjørnhøj-Thomsen (eds.) Critical Kinship Studies (203-219). Rowman & Littlefield: London.

Andersson, M. (2014). ”Närvaro som märks. Rasifiering och tillhörighetsarbete i den svenska akademin”. I Kerstin Sandell (ed.) Att bryta innanförskapet. Kritiska perspektiv på jämställdhet och mångfald i akademin (s. 196-217). Stockholm: Makadam förlag.

Andersson, M. (2014). ”Mellan inkludering och underordning: postkoloniala perspektiv på välfärd och socialpolitik i Sverige”. I Kerstin Sandell, Nora Räthzel och Maja Sager (eds.) Kritiska gemenskaper: att skriva feministisk och postkolonial vetenskap (s. 115-123). Lund: Media.Tryck, Lunds universitet.

Hübinette, T. och Andersson, M. (2012). Between Colourblindness and Ethnicisation, Transnational Adoptees and Race in a Swedish Context. Adoption & Fostering 36(3): 97-103

Andersson, M. (2012).  Seeing Through the White Gaze: Racialised Markings of (Un)familiar Bodies in Swedish Transnational Adoption Policy. Graduate Journal of Social Science 9(1): 65-83

Andersson, M. (2010). Blodets och rötternas logik. Internationell adoption välfärdens diskursiva praktik. Diss. Uppsala: Uppsala universitet

Andersson, M. (2010). Recension av Lynn S. Chancer & Beverly Xaviera Watkins. Sociala positioner – en översikt. Sociologisk forskning 47(3): 83-85.

Andersson, M. (2009.) Familjer utöver det vanliga.Invandrare & minoriteter 36 (3): 39-42

Andersson, M. (2008). Tillhörighetens gränser. Internationell adoption och ursprungets betydelse i svensk utredningsretorik. Sociologisk forskning 45(3): 57-76.

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