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Roberto Scaramuzzino. Photo: Patrik Hekkala

Roberto Scaramuzzino

Associate Professor | Teacher | PhD in Social Work

Roberto Scaramuzzino. Photo: Patrik Hekkala

Holding course : Civil society organizations’ value expressions in the Swedish legislative consultation system before and after 2015


  • Roberto Scaramuzzino
  • Brigitte Suter

Summary, in English

Contrary to the general trend in European countries since the 2000s, Sweden has neither restricted its migration policy nor limited the rights of migrants. This changed with the ‘refugee crisis’ of 2015 when the government introduced policy changes to curb the number of arrivals and impede the granting of residence permits. Civil society organizations are significantly involved in the reception of migrants, in the integration process, and in minority politics. The question is whether, and in what ways, civil society organizations have adapted their norms and values to the government’s new approach. Looking at the claims the organizations make through the Swedish legislative consultation system, this chapter finds that the organizations tend to maintain a common base of values in the policy fields of migration and integration. They uphold a critical stance towards the government’s policy shift by making claims based on humanitarianism, hospitality, inclusion, and solidarity towards the migrants coming to Sweden.


  • School of Social Work

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Europe and the Refugee Response : A Crisis of Values?

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Book chapter




  • Social Work




  • ISBN: 9780429279317