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Welfare within planetary limits: deep transformation requires holistic approaches

Cover of the book Consumption and Society.

In a new book: "Consumption and Society", the two authors Max Koch and Anders Rhiger Hansen contributes with an interwiew on welfare within planetary limits. Publisher: Bristol University Press.

Anders Rhiger Hansen visited Lund University in January 2023 to talk to Max Koch about sustainable welfare, human needs, social inequality, and a little bit about Bourdieu. The message from Max was clear: politicians need to drop the idea of green growth and instead define a safe and just operating space to determine what can be done within this space.

His sociological approach combines Marxian and Bourdieusean traditions, and he recommends that the Consumption and Society community investigates consumption in combination with processes of production, for example by engaging with critical political economy approaches such as the French regulation school or the Frankfurt School. According to Koch, the survival of the planet requires holistic approaches that would transform society and its exchanges with nature, based on principles of degrowth and on a scale that we have not yet seen.