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Katarina Jacobsson

Katarina Jacobsson

Prefekt | Professor | FD | Docent i sociologi

Katarina Jacobsson

Pondering on methods. A variety of methodological concerns


  • Katarina Jacobsson
  • Katarina Sjöberg

Summary, in English

In this book, ten doctoral students share and discuss a number of metho- dological concerns they have faced in the process of doing research. In the first part, “Capturing the field,” the contributors grapple over issues regarding how to define and demarcate the field of research, for instance in studies on immigrant organizations, red light districts on the Internet, and telephone interviewing. In the second part, “Relations in the field,” the authors deal with methodological concerns regarding the relation- ship between the researcher and the researched, adressing for example research on disabled people, children, and people with HIV and AIDS. The third and final part, “Theory as methodology” contains contributions that emphasize methodological implications resulting from theoretical choices, such as the concepts of culture and discourse.

This book is the outcome of the course Qualitative Methods offered as an interdisciplinary course within the PhD programme in the social sciences. The contributors come from various disciplines, including Health and So- ciety, Human Geography, Communication and Media, Political Science, Social Work, and Sociology.


  • Socialhögskolan
  • Sociologiska institutionen








Faculty of Social Sciences, Lund University


  • Sociology
  • Social Work


  • Qualitative methods
  • methodology
  • field work
  • interviewing
  • discourses
  • participant observation
  • (n)ethnography
  • Internet
  • ethnography




  • ISBN: 91-7267-340-0